Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to install Cydia

We all know why jailbreak is so famous but just to make sure that everyone is well informed I will give it a shoot in explaining it. A jailbreak is basically the process of removing all Apples limitations of the mobile operating system called iOS using hardware and software exploits. After this you could install official and unofficial 3rd packages. These packages can vary and can be themes, tweaks and other apps that you could not install.


But there was a problem distributing such content, Apple has its own delivery content and it’s App Store. So as a response to this problem Cydia was developed. But how can you download Cydia some people ask. Well cydia comes with the jailbreaking tool, let’s take for example if you want to jailbreak iOS 7 you will need to download evasi0n 7. But how can I install cydia? Cydia installation will start right after the jailbreaking procedure has finished. At a moment cydia had a rival, Lima. But apparently the project did not have enough supporters and development had a slow pace. Right now the is currently down.


After installation cydia will prompt you first to Upgrade Essential or Complete Upgrade, I would not recommend choosing Ignore (Temporary). Then another screen will ask you for information like what is your experience with this kind of software. If you are new to Cydia I suggest you should choose User, if not and know what are you doing chose Hacker or Developer. The difference between these levels is that User offers apps, tweaks and themes, where Hacker beside those of User you get command line tools and as for Developer where beside these two you everything and like the cydia app is stating “even scary internal stuff”.

Right now you should have a working jailbroken iPhone or any other iDevice. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know from where to download or how to use a jailbreak tool you can always use a jailbreak tutorial.


Now you are free to install any package. If you know what you are looking finding that package is ease. But if you want to know what are the best cydia tweaks or what are the best cydia apps I can spare you the time and I suggest you should try Activator, Dreamboard, Winterboard, Auxo, Zephyr.

Activator is tweak that will make the most of touch screen and hardware buttons. Activator will overcharge the navigation and experience on your device. It basically uses the gestures technique to activate specific commands, toggles and apps.

Dreamboard and Winterboard are two theme apps that will let you customize the appearance of your device.  These two are the best way to theme your iDevice.

Auxo will power up your multitasking switcher and other functions like Music app controls, but you will also get some neat features like toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode or any other togglable iOS functions.

Zephyr is based multitasking tweak which will let you switch between apps by swiping from right or left edge of you screen, close an app by swiping up or swiping app from the bottom edge of the screen to invoke multitasking switcher.